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[Resolved]Script doesn't work anymore?

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    For some reason that script doesn’t seem to work in the new beta anymore?

    Do you know why?

    Thank you.


    I am not sure. It should work.

    Can you set WP_DEBUG to true and look for a warning/error message?


    I tried to, but there’s always an alert box titled “Undefined” when submitting the form and it doesn’t load the next page. Tried to disable all custom functions and plugins (also this script) but still get “Undefined”, so I’m not able to see error messages.

    ANYWAY, I’ve figured out the problem. It has to do with the problem with german addresses, I’ve written you via email. Especially there seem to be problems with the “ß” in “straße” (which means “street” and is in almost every address).

    – Tried to activate the old version of GMW (I had version 2.5.) and the script works fine again.
    – Tried the new beta version and it clears all GMW fields in the post, when submitting the form if the address contains “ß”.
    – Also tried the new beta version BUT with the old “gmw-pt-update-location.php”. Then the address with the “ß” is entered in “type an address to autocomplete” but all the other fields are still empty (longitude etc.).



    I did find the issue and I am working on a fix. I will upload a new beta in couple of hours or so.


    Ok thanks. Looking forward.


    Sorry about the long delay. I have been dealing with some major issue in the past couple of days.

    I am still not able to release the beta I am working on but If you want I can email it to you. The current version that I am working should take care of the issue mentioned in this topic.

    Let me know.



    Thanks for the information.
    If you won’t release it in the next two days, it would be great if you could email.

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    Not a problem.
    I will email it to you by tomorrow.


    thanks, would really need to get it to work tomorrow 🙂


    Hi Eyal, would it be possible to receive the updated script as well? That would be very much appreciated! Thanks, Florian


    The script works fine. It was a bug in the earlier version of GEO my WP 2.6.1 Beta 2.

    IF you are not using the Beta version of 2.6.1 then the script should work fine for you. IF you are using the Beta then make sure you have the latest beta version installed which beta 3. You can download it from this page.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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