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[Resolved]Search doesn't work and map does not display

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    Hi there, I found your plugin very helpful but I have some problem setting it up:

    As you can see and feel while searching on this prototype page:

    with this shortcode:

    [resumes grm_use=”2″]

    1_ search by city name doesn’t work even after importing resumes location on the resumes -> setting -> geo general settings tab.
    2_the map doesn’t show below the search form and my console describes this error

    “js?sensor=true&ver=1.0:92 You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.”

    Working on:

    WordPress 4.5.3 running Babysitter theme.
    Resume Manager Geolocation Version 1.4.3

    Thanks in advance for your time and efforts,

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    Ok, I updated the theme and the map now shows, but I still have some problem in the search feature, profiles don’t show even while searching for the right city, is there any alternative fixing procedure than just importing the resumes’ coordinates (which I already have done)?

    Thanks for your time and efforts,


    Hello Laura,
    1) Looks like you are using an older version of Wp Job Manager Geolocation add-on ( 1.6.3 ) when the latest version is 1.7.7. Please update the add-on and test the search again.

    2) Which cities don’t work for you? I tested “london” and it worked fine. Note that you should always enter at least city and state or city and zipcode in the address field. Because city name can exits on more than one location in the world and Google API does not know to which city you refer to. because of that, Google API might geocode the wrong city and will show no results because of that.


    Thanks a lot for your advices!
    I’ll have a test tomorrow in the morning with the new version, honestly hope that you’re right and it’s just a version problem, I’ll close the ticket then..
    You’ll hear from me in a few hours.


    The search tool now works thanks to your advice, but I have a last doubt about the map, as you can see the geolocation for jobs points and zooms the map to the marker, the resume geolocation map instead doesn’t even show the markers before you choose a location to search.

    Jobs map:


    Resumes map:


    How can this be fixed?
    Do I have to change some code in the googlemaps javascript to get the map to show all the resumes locations?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi there,
    is it possible to display the resumes’ location in the map of the sitters listing/search page the same way jobs are displayed in the job search/listing page?

    these are the two pages, please I really need them to look the same!!!

    job search/listing.

    resumes(sitters) search/listing


    The shortcode I used in the resume listing page is this:

    [resumes grm_use="2" grm_map="1" grm_map_width="100%" grm_map_height="250px" grm_distance="1" grm_scroll="1"]


    Hello Laura,
    I apologize for missing out your last replies.

    When using the shortcode attribute grm_use with the value 2 ( grm_use=”2″ ), means that the geolocation features of the resumes search form will be set based on the settings of the geolocation settings page ( dashboard -> Resumes -> Settings -> GEO search Form tab ). So the rest of the shortcode attributes ( grm_map=”1″ grm_map_width=”100%” grm_map_height=”250px” grm_distance=”1″ grm_scroll=”1″ ) will have no effect on the search form.

    You can either set the geolocation settings in the Resumes Settings page and leave the grm_use=”2″ or change it to grm_use=”1″ so the other shortcode attributes will control the search form.

    Let me know if that helps.


    Hi Eyal, sorry to say it didn’t help much, looks like the map isn’t connected to the custom field geographic coordinates in the resumes’ posts… put they have been imported with success… do you think that an admin account may help you see what’s the problem?
    Please let me know as soon as possible…


    OK, Swithching the seem I found out that the map was working well, so it’s a theme problem, I’ working with the theme’s dev to solve that, I’ll get in touch if in need of some clue, thanks a lot.

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