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    ted st brice

    I bought the kleo theme add on in the hope that the plugin would add the fields in my buddy press fields since its for the theme itself – the search has appeared at the top but i would like the fields to appear when users register, on their profile & and the search itself to be part of kleo’s members directory advanced search – without having to buy extra add-ons since the plugin is to give the theme the functionality in the styling it already has could i please get help with implementing this as shown in the add-on example..

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    Hello Ted and thank you for the purchase.

    The purpose of the plugin is to apply the Geolocation features to the Members Directory page of the Kleo theme. That means that it will add the address, radius and units fields to the Members Directory search form. It will also add a map, distance and will sort the results by the distance.

    Looking at the image you attached I can see that the geolocation filters are added properly to the search form. The advanced search you are referring to is created by the BP Profile Search plugin and is not a core part of the theme. And at the moment the Kleo Geolocation add-on is not integrated with the BP search plugin.

    This is the demo page of the Kleo geolocation plugin. If the Members Directory page of your site does not look or functions the same way, please let me know and I will look into it again. If that’s the case I will need to see the live search page in order to assist you.


    ted st brice


    Thats not the problem the problem is i thought this would add a register field in the bp search fields unless i buy the x-fields add-on i won’t get that functionality, is it possible to include the x-fields add on with the kleo add on. To get full use out of the kleo add on the x-fields add on is also needed

    ted st brice
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    Hello Ted,
    At the moment there is no plan to combine both Kleo And Xprofile Fields add-on. Yes, they both work together and integrates with the Kleo theme, but they also serve different purpose.

    Regarding the Xprofile Fields add-on:

    1) The add-on will only make it possible for your members to add their location via the profile fields during registration and to add or update their location via the profile fields on the profile page. That’s instead or in addition to the Location tab.

    2) The add-on will not interact with the search query and the search form in any way. and so, the Members Directory search form will work the same way it works for your right now.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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