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[Resolved]Search Form Not Working

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    Hi there,

    My search form doesn’t appear to be working. I added the short code to the html section of a page. I used the following short codes:

    [gmw form=”1″ name=”form_id_1″]

    [gmw form=”1″]

    Both of which did not work. When I click the search page, it redirects me to the home page. (please see link to my website in the private content)

    Also, is it possible to have a search field on the homepage that says “Enter Your Postal Code” with a “Search” button beside it that will then direct them to the search results page?






    I don’t think the page redirect has to do with GEO my WP shortcode. Please remove the shortcodes from the page content and then visit the search page to see if you still being redirected to the home page.

    To have the search form on one page and the results on another page you need to set the “Results Page” in the form editor to your results page and place the shortcode [gmw form=”results”] in the content of the results page.


    I took out the short code in the search page, but i’m still getting redirected to the home page…


    That means the issue is not with the shortcodes nor the plugin but something with the setup of your theme or with this specific page. You should ask for advice from the theme developers about the page redirect.


    I disabled the theme and used the twenty twelve theme and it still does that same thing, so it’s not the theme.


    Please disable GEO my WP plugin And then check the page redirection.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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