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[Resolved]Search Members shows also excluded members

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    I am trying to build a wordpress-buddypress-custom combination (actually i am trying to finish it – another company started it)
    So i am trying to get a global members map to work like this:
    There are two types of members (by wordpress role) lets say role_1 and role_2.
    I have created two different global maps using the exclude members plugin so each map shows the members with the proper condition (only members with role_1 or only members with role_2). It works like a charm.
    I added some search functionality based on Xprofile Buddypress field (with the xprofile fields addon).
    When i search based on the xprofile field, the results also include members that are supposed to be excluded!
    Is this common? Is there any setting i didnt see?


    Hello Apostolos and thank you for the purchases.

    What you describe above is not the proper behavior. Members should be excluded even when searching based on Xprofile Fields.

    I am going to test it and see if it is a bug in the Exclude Members Add-on.


    Thats good to know.
    I am using GeoMyWP Version 2.6.4, Global Maps Version 2.0, Xprofile Fields Version 1.3.1, Exclude Members Version 1.2.2 in wordpress 4.2.2 and buddypress Version
    Unfortunately update any of WordPress or Buddypress is not an option since there are a lot of forks in both core files and i am terrified that sth will go wrong…
    Waiting for your response!


    Hello again,
    Do we have any updates?


    Sorry for the delay. I have just uploaded a new version ( 1.2.4 ) which includes a fix for the bug.

    Please update and let me know if it works.



    Hey Fitoussi, just updated the add-on and it seems to work!
    I ll do several tests today and if everything goes well i ll mark the topic as resolved in a few hours.
    Thank you for your support.
    Great job!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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