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[Resolved]Search not working

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    We are using this plugin on one of our websites.

    In the top banner, if you click “To Buy” you will be presented with the search form.

    If you type in “Windsor” and click search. This will give you no results.
    If you type in “Windsor Castle” and click search this presents you with some results.

    Please could you tell me when this is not displaying results for the initial search?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Scott,
    That’s because many cities name, such as windsor, exists in more than one state or country in the world. And when you don’t specify a state, zipcode or country, Google API does not know to which Windsor you are referring and it will geocode the default Windsor and will search for locations base on that.

    In your case, for example, the plugin geocodes the Windsor which is near Detroit in the US. Here, You can see the marker represent “Your location” when searching only for “Windsor” with larger distance.



    Thanks for the reply.
    If I add ,UK to the end of the search it works. However, I have set our default country to GB so I am assuming this should be working? It still doesn’t seem to be working.

    Please could you let us know how we go about fixing this issue,

    Many thanks,



    HI Scott and I apologize for missing out your reply.

    Please change GB to UK in the default country in the settings page and test it again.

    Let me know if that helps.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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