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[Resolved]search results broken if only one post type

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    Hi Eyal and thank you for your work on GMW!

    I come back to you with a little issue I just noticed and tracked down on a subsite in my install.
    I can’t say if it is related to the last update but I have this bug :
    I have a map with the top-white search and results only on this map. It displays only one post type (woocommerce products). On first page load, the locations are displayed as usual, if I navigate trough them it works as usual. But if I trigger a search, it finds no results.

    here’s what I came up to:
    – it doesn’t seem plugin related either at subsite level nor at admin level (I first thought of a JS issue)
    – it doesn’t seem theme related
    – no errors are shown in Firebug
    – it works back when I have two post types included in the form (products + posts)
    – it doesn’t seem post type related as it doesn’t work if I only have posts enabled
    – it’s not location data related as the markers show on page load

    Did you notice this bug too? has it been reported? I hope we can find a solution soon, thank you again for your work and your help and have a great day,


    Thank you for the details Emilien. I haven’t got into the issue you describe but I think I know what causes it. I am going to text it and will keep you updated.


    Hey Eyal, I hope you’re well,

    any news on this topic? thank you and have a great day,


    I will be working on Global Maps add-on this coming weekend and I will look into this issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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