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[Feature request]Search results via Ajax ?

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    I don’t know if I am in the good forum :
    Do you plan to add one day be able to leave the search results by Ajax? Instead of a page reload.
    Do you think it’s a hard work around to do actually ?



    HI Mariecomet,
    Ajax powered forms feature is indeed on my todo list. I will most likely start working on it after the next major update of GEO my WP which I am planning to release sometime in January.

    Do you think it’s a hard work around to do actually

    It is hard for me to say. I can only guess that for a skilled developer it can take some hours to figure out how to display the search results using ajax. But then there is also the map that needs to be updated via ajax which can be a bit challenging just because the map script wasn’t built with the Ajax idea in mind.

    The new major update of GEO my WP already have a better map scripts and better code in general which will make it easier to develop around it. That is why I need to first release the new version and only then to start working on the Ajax addon.


    Hey Eyal,

    What’s the status of this?

    I’m not particularly interested in needing a full add-on for this. Do you happen to know what URL I can POST to in order to get some results back?

    Justin Ward

    I also need ajax functionality. Will this be released anytime soon?



    FWIW, I’m using and targeting the rendered template’s selector.

    It’s slow if you run it on the entire page, but if you are just loading content from an iframe or something, it works well enough.

    Ideally, GeoMyWP would offer a way to return raw data instead of insisting on rendering a template.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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