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[Resolved]Searching for candidates by location won't work

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    – Using Jobify
    – Using Resume Manager Geolocation Version 1.4.2
    – All resumes created after installing the plugin
    – Resumes only have geolocation_city

    When refining candidates search by location, results are random.

    Note: It seems to work better for big cities: Paris, Toulouse (in France), but for smaller cities, results seem to be always wrong.

    Thanks for support,

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    Hi Ludo,

    It seems that some of the jobs, including the “Jassans-Riottier” job, are missing the coordinates. That is why some jobs do not show in the results. Job Manager Geolocation add-on can only display jobs that have coordinates ( latitude and longitude ).

    To try and solve it, please navigate to the “Edit job” page of one of the jobs that do not show in the results ( for ex the Jassans-Riottier job ) and click the “Update” button. Doing so, the plugin will try to geocode the address of the job again and save the coordinates in custom fields. If the address was successfully geocoded, You should see the custom fields geolocation_latitute and geolocation_longitude.

    Let me know if that helps.


    Hello Eyal,

    Thanks for your answer.

    For some reason, the geolocated fields are displayed for some resumes, but they are not displayed for some other resumes.

    You can see that on the attached screenshots:
    – The resume in Paris displays geolocated fields
    – The resume in Jassans-Riottier does not display the geolocated fields

    Both resume have been validated selecting the city within the location dropdown menu
    I confirm that all resumes were created after the install and set up of the plugin.
    I also add that we experience the same issue for jobs

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    HI Ludo,
    Looks like that some location are not being geocoder properly. It could be the OVER_QUERY_LIMIT issue.

    My advice is to try the “WP Job Manager Client-Side Geocoder” plugin.

    The plugin will add a new “Geocode Address” button below the address field ( in the “Edit Job” page ) as well as it will show the status of the address; if it is geocoded or not. If an address shows as “not geocoded” click the “geocode address” button to try geocoding it. Once done, update the page and try the search again.

    I hope that helps.


    Hello Eyal,

    Thank you much for your quick reply, it’s very appreciated.

    – Indeed, some locations are not being geolocated.
    – We installed WP Job Manager Client-Side Geocoder as you advised, and made some tests (Attached screenshots).
    – For a city that were not geocoded (resume page), we clicked on the “Geocode Address” button, we were then notified that the address was geocoded (in green), and we tried search again with success!

    But we can’t afford to do this process for every new job or resume posting.

    Note: It’s not likely that we’ve reached the query limit set up by Google Maps already (23 job offers, 50 resume so far).

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    Hello Ludo,
    Unfortunately, I don’t have any other solution at the moment. The Client Side Geocoder plugin uses Javascript to geocode an address which usually overcome the OVER_QUERY_LIMIT that caused by geocoding request made via HTTP.

    Regarding the query limit; Indeed it is unlikely for sites with small traffic to get the OVER_QUERY_LIMIT. However, the query limit is per 24 hours per IP address. And on shared servers multiply sites will share the same IP address. And so, if you are on a shared server with other sites that also use the Google API feature, then those site might “eat up” the query limit.

    Regardless the above, the geocoding process is done by the WP Job Manager plugin and not Job Manager Geolocation add-on. So It is unlikely to have a bug in the add-on that will cause that issue. And the fact that the Client-side geocoder plugin does geocode an address that Wp Job Manager Plugin did not, leads me to believe that the OVER_QUERY_LIMIT is the issue.

    When creating/updating a job in the front-end, the Client-Side Geocoder plugin automatically geocodes the address, without a click on a “geocode address” button. I will look into adding the same process to the back-end as well to make it easier.


    Hello Eyal,
    The plugin actually fixed everything. All new resumes and jobs are now perfectly geocoded by default.
    Thanks again for your reactivity and for the accuracy of your answers.

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    That’s great Ludo. You are very welcome and I am glad that we got this sorted.

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