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    We are developing a WP+BP site and we are currently using GEOmyWP for geolocalization of the members and posts. Because in mobile view seems to be better to use Select2 (the jquery replacement for select boxes) due to huge amount of the categories, we would ask to you if you could implement this code inside GEOmyWP. Now we are using smart-box for post-locator (unfortunatly it doesn’t work in the mobile view of the site) and yellow layout for member-locator (what we really need is like example “Multiple select boxes” at the following link Thank you very much for helping us.


    Hello Simone,

    Do you have the Premium Settings add-on installed on your site?


    Yes, I do….my friend Alessandro Lanave bougth it few months ago. Do you need the key?



    I need same functionality urgently. Would some payment speed up developement?

    Regards, Gregor


    Yes Eyal, Simone is my friend. We bought your plugin for our site. Can you help us?


    Hi Eyal, Do You have any news about Select2 implementation? Thank you in advance


    Sorry for my delayed reply.

    Unfortunately, at the moment I am super busy with the Support forum and other urgent updates. I added the above to my todo list and I will look into it. But I am not sure when I will be able to do so.

    Can you describe the issue with smart-box when using with mobile?


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    The mobile visualization is not very user-friendly than the desktop visualization, because we have almost 1600 categories and without autocomplete filtering is not easy to find and select a category.

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    I see. That is because Chosen is disable for mobile devices by default. There is this solution that I am going to try to apply to the plugin to see if it works. I will probably give it a try after the weekend. However, until I get to do that, you can probably give a try yourself.


    Hi Simone,

    I had great support regarding Select2 from Miguel

    Regards, Gregor

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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