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[Resolved]Set marker position with click

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    Simon B


    I’d like to set the map marker position and address field by clicking on the map, rather than by dragging the marker.

    I see someone else posted the same question a while back, but your answer no longer applies as the JavaScript file is now very different.

    Are you able to advise what changes I need to make to assets/js/gf.js to achieve this now?



    Hello Simon,

    Which version are you using? I can provide you with a solution for version 2 beta 18 which should be officially released very soon.

    Let me know if that will work for you.

    Simon B

    Hi Eyal

    Thanks for your quick reply! I’m using v1.5.

    I’m happy to upgrade to a beta version if it works. The only thing for me is I have a very tight deadline – this site has to be live by Sunday at the latest.

    I have used the Google Maps API before, just not recently, so if it’s easier/quicker for you to point me in the right direction I may be able to figure the details out myself.



    Hi Simon,
    Since version 2.0 is a completely new version and more complex it has been in beta for about 6 months. By now the latest beta version is stable and many users have been using it. So I believe that it will work well for you. However, because of the major update of the plugin you will need to edit your forms and recreate the geolocation features.

    Here You can read more about the new version of the plugin and the documentation for the new version can be found here.

    If you do install the new version I will then provide you with the script you need to accomplish the above.

    Simon B

    Thank you, I’ll install the latest beta now.

    Simon B

    Beta 18 installed and working 🙂



    Now try this:

    1) Open the file gravityforms-geolocation/assets/js/gfgeo.min.js

    2) go to line 938 which should be just below this piece of code:

    and add this script:

    This is like a hook that can be used for custom functions to be added to the script. You should do this only once since I will add it to the next release of the plugin.

    3) To the functions.php file of your child theme add this script:

    4) Save all files and test it.

    Let me know if it works.

    Simon B

    Thank you – that’s working in that I can now click to set the marker position, but as soon as I click, the address field no longer updates with the address of the new position (either on further clicks or drags).

    p.s. – Great to know that it uses a hook so I won’t lose this on future updates 🙂


    You are welcome.

    I see why the address won’t update when changing position on click but it should update the address when you drag the marker. In the form editor, did you set the geocoder field of the address field to be the same as the map field?

    To fix the address update on map click replace the script on the functions.php file with the below:

    Simon B

    Brilliant – all is now working perfectly thank you.

    Outstanding customer service 🙂


    You are welcome Simon. I am glad I could help and thank you for the kind feedback you posted on Twitter :).


    Hi Eyal,

    Just wondering if this would work with v 2.6.5 of Geo my WP?

    I would like to add this same functionality.
    Many thanks


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    Hi I also have this issue. I know you said an update is forthcoming, but it seems like it might be a little while? I also need to get my installation running soon. Is this code still good for getting this functionality in the meantime?


    I am in the wrong forum. This is working in Gravity but not Formidable.

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