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[Resolved]Show all pins on the map from a post type

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    I bought this as it gave the impression that it would show all of the pins on the map from a post-type. I’ve got it all set up in the admin, setup in the page. The search works fine, but then the map stays static. It all looks as though it should be showing up but it isn’t. I’ve now got a map that shows up before GEO locate, but it’s practically useless. The map is always just set on one location and doesn’t show all the results on it. Just one result of where I am.

    What I was hoping was that this plugin would show a map with all the posts from the post type on, then when a user geolocates – the map then hones in ones nearest to the person. This isn’t happening at all on the global map.

    I’ve setup a page with the normal map that shows up when you geolocate in the results, and with the global map on there too. The geomap works fine. The global one doesn’t seem to do anything.

    I can see a work around if this is not possible, but it would be based on conditional statements. So If no location is set show this (Global map with all posts) else if location is set show (Map with nearest posts on it). But I have no idea what your hooks and filters are for this.

    Any help on either would be much appreciated. I can share the URL but it must be private from other users.



    Hello David,
    Maybe I didn’t understand you correctly but there is not search function for the Global Maps add-on. Global Map for post types should display pins on the map on page load.

    – If there is no location set for the uses’s current location the Global Map will simply display all post from the different post types you chose when creating the Global Map form.

    – If there is a current location set for the user the Global Map will show all posts and the user’s location on the map. If you set the radius for the map so the map will show posts based on the distance from the user’s current location. IF there is no radius set for the Global Map it will simple show all posts no matter how far there are from the user’s location.

    If you want you can post a URL to the site and set the post as private.

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    Thank you Eyal for helping me to solve the problem. Your support and swift help is as impressive as your plugins. We look forward to seeing this project develop and wish you all the best with it.

    For anyone else having trouble with global maps not displaying the pins of all posts on the map, there is a little bug with taxonomies which Eyal is going to fix in the next update. If you set the included taxonomies to exclude by ID and place in there one that does not exist such as 9999999 – it solves the problem.

    I am still curious about a method to switch maps on the page as this may come in useful. How would I set a global map that is replaced by the normal geolocate posts map or an alternate map once the user submits the search?

    Thanks again,


    Thank you David for the feedback and kind words 🙂

    You can hide the Global Map using a filter. the function below will cancel the Global Maps submission whenever GEO my Wp form is submitted. Add the function to your function.php file and see if it works.


    That’s great, thank you.

    One final one just to make things a little more complicated! With the global map, is it possible to have the map, and a list of non Geo results under it, that become GEO located when you click to locate?

    Effectively the locate button sumbission would order the posts closest first, but all results would show before this in a random order.

    Many thanks,


    Hi David,
    You could probably show list of results below the map using a filter but I am not sure I understand “that become GEO located when you click to locate?”. For that you have the regular post types form that you can create, no? or am I missing something?


    I can’t get the search to display any pins on my searches. I have half a dozen custom taxonomies and I only search using them, so I am guessing this has something to do with no pins showing up?

    I tried excluding by ID and adding 9999999 and didn’t see any change.

    I have global maps and premium installed.


    I am sorry for the Issue Quardt. I am still trying to find the cause for the issue mentioned in this topic but I am having hard time since It works fine on all of my test sites. Can you post a link to your live map page?


    Hi Eyal.

    What I mean is:

    1. User visits the page with the global map. Currently this page just shows the map on the left and the form on the right. What I want to achieve is to have the page so that when there is a visitor, it shows the global map on the left, form on the right, and underneath, show a list of posts BEFORE they click submit on the GEO locate form. It doesn’t matter what order the posts are in, just that they show.

    Then when the visitor uses the form to geolocate, I want the posts to show distance first. So effectively there is never a blank screen. There are always results / posts showing, but the submit button makes them appear in order of distance first.

    I was hoping that this would be something relatively easy to achieve.

    Thanks again for you help.

    Best regards,


    Hi David,
    I added a filter to the coming version of GEO my WP which will help you with your request.
    I am going to updated a new version of Global Maps soon as well and I hope I fixed the issue that you are having as I never got to see it on any of my test sites. Do you have a custom database prefix set for your site?


    Hi Eyal,

    Thank you for your response and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. My pins suddenly started showing up today on my search map. It hasn’t been working sine I installed it and I haven’t done anything. I’m a bit puzzled–but pleased! I didn’t even try to update any of the plugins recently.

    I know that I do have custom prefixes to my database, like you asked David, for what it is worth.

    It doesn’t seem likely, but caching haunted me on a previous issue. Is there any way caching could have prevented the pins from dropping?


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