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[Working on it]Show Premium / Paying customers Posts on top & featured on results page

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    Hi there,

    I’m currently building up a directory with GeoMyWP. In the near future, I’m planning to introduce a premium program, where customers can pay a small amount every month, and in return can upload more pictures, will be shown in a special slider o the fromt page, and, the most important thing:

    I’d like their posts to appear on top of the search results. As Featured Posts.

    (Basically like the premium features when creating an ebay ad.)

    They would still need to be within the regular results. Meaning: If a visitor makes a search for bike shops in a range of 100 miles, only the bike shops within 100 miles will be listed. But those within this reach that are part of the premium program will be listed on top. (If there are more than one, the order within the premiums wil be sorted by distance, again). The regular results that follow the premium results should be ordered by distance, again.

    Additionslly, I would need a functionality to make the premium results stand out, for example with a colored border.

    Do you have an idea how that is possible? Maybe already with a third party plugin? Or would that be an idea for a premium add-on from you?

    I think that would be a great add-on that would be used by many people that want to make money with their site.

    (Or maybe it already exists, and I just don’t know it :-))

    Thnaks & kind regards,



    Hi Tom,
    Featured Locations add-on, exactly as you described above, is under construction and will be ready to release not too long from now.

    You can add your email address to GEO my WP mailing list ( in GEO my WP home page at the bottom ) if you’d like to receive an email once the add-on is ready.


    Perfect, thanks, sounds great.



    Hello, I am after this exact feature. Any news?

    I do have a custom meta already for “featured” posts. Is there a way to filter the results query to order by the custom meta as a temporary workaround?

    Kind regards


    Can I just add my vote to this one! This is exactly what I’d like – but specifically in Nearby Location addon – so featured locations that have paid are on top of the nearby widget.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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