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    Hey Eyal,

    I hope you’re fine!

    I’m facing a little UI problem on my website and I hope you can help me. I need to display a global map of my posts and everything’s fine with it but there are two things I need to change:

    – 1 – instead of displaying a “complex” “get my current location” form with an address field and other stuff, I’d just need to display a simple “locate me” button. The purpose is to let the users trigger geolocation manually and to update the global map then. So this button would trigger two things: retrieve location and update page.

    – 2 – for responsiveness, I’d also need to move the search form which shows on global maps… right now it’s displayed on the map and I’d really need to put it above. The best would be to be able to use a shortcode for this.

    Are those two things possible and can you please tell me how? (I’m not a dev so I don’t know how to code but I can understand how to change pieces of code though…)

    Thank you so much in advance, have a great day and kudos for your work on the last versions of GMW and its add-ons 😉


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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