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    Ok. I have nice map system on the site that i maintain but i only have one problem with it. I have to manually input states and cities and the site does not give me options to be depended on country – state – city – neighborhood. now all I want to do is to use this plugin as auto fill and depended on top Selection for the user submission.
    now all these options have their own drop downs for selection but they are not depended of each other
    property_country = Country (dropdown)
    property_state = State (dropdown – dependend of country)
    property_city = City (dropdown – dependend of State)
    property_area = Area (dropdown – dependend of City)
    property_address = Address (self input (but if possible for google map to load address while typing can be awesome))
    property_zip = (self input or i can drop it out completly)
    property_latitude = (depended of input above (auto fill))
    property_longitude = (depended of input above (auto fill))

    as you can see it is for a property listing site where people can advertise their properties.

    <?php print country_list($country_selected,'select-submit2'); ?> is the code for selecting the country

    <input type="text" id="property_state" size="40" name="property_state" value="<?php print $property_state;?>"> for input to state. will change it to dropdown

    <select id="property_city_submit" name="property_city" class="cd-select" > selection for city

    <select id="property_area_submit" name="property_area" class="cd-select"> slection of Area.

    now how do I replace these values with the values given from plugin so that it would still display on the front end?
    or how can i make that these input items selects from the plugin auto select and then make those values submit to these slugs so that it could display properly on my site?

    please help me. I don’t have much coding knowledge. all I know is self taught within these last 6 months

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