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[Resolved]small core hack

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    I just bought Global Maps. Awesome plugin! Quick question – where would I go to change the wording “updated new location at” on the Buddypress activity stream to “checked in at”? I am happy to edit a core file if required


    Hello Norman and thank you for the purchase.

    You can change the text in the file:

    in line 45.

    At the moment you will have to edit the core file. However, I will add a filter for it to the next version of the plugin.

    Let me know if that helps.


    Thanks for the hint! I was able to change the text because Loco Translate did not work in this case.

    But there is a problem when using this on a community where members enter their private location. To remain their privacy I added the code below so only country + city is being displayed in their profile. But when updating their location the whole address is being shown in the activity stream. There definitely should be an option to hide the address und don´t link to Google Maps. I changed this in the code but a solution that remains after updating the plugin would be perfectly!

    Best regards,

    function gmw_modify_displayed_member_address( $address, $info, $gmw ) {

    $address = ”;

    if ( ! empty( $info->city ) ) {
    $address .= $info->city.’ ‘;

    if ( ! empty( $info->country ) ) {
    $address .= $info->country. ‘ ‘;

    return stripslashes( $address );
    add_filter( “gmw_location_address”, ‘gmw_modify_displayed_member_address’, 10, 3 );

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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