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Smart widget which shows map of posts and single post location when viewing post

Forums F.A.Q Smart widget which shows map of posts and single post location when viewing post

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    Hi Eyal, I have a question here about your plugin to see if it can do the following. Basically if you look at this site here: you can see a widget on the right hand side which is smart I guess and basically locates the 10 posts from that category on the page. I have a wordpress site here which I want to do the same thing on basically I want to place a widget on the right of any of my categories and this widget should simply show on the map the posts that are on the page. Also then when you click into the single post page it should look like this with a map widget in the right hand sidebar only showing the location of the post:

    Obviously I do not want to be putting in shortcodes for each of the widgets on the single-post page it has to be a smart widget that recognizes what the post is and shows the location accordingly. I do of of course have a sidebar in my woothemes canvas theme for the individual categories of my blog and the single post layout page also.

    It would be amazing if this can be done with your addons? Please let me know. Thanks for your time, James


    Just a quick follow up here guys to see if what I am asking here is possible or is there a work around for this – or is this even how this addon works? Maybe I need a different addon to achieve this. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Hello James,
    My apology for for he delay.
    There is no way to display map of posts based on a category on a category page at the moment. At least not out of the box. It will be possible with some custom code. I will look into addition such a feature to a future release of the plugin or maybe to the Global Maps add-on.

    It is possible however to display a map on a single post page using the shortcode [gmw_single_location]. You can use the shortcode in a widget that being displayed in a single post page and it should display a map of the location being displayed.
    Usage of the shortcode you can find in the admin dashboard -> GEO my WP -> shortcodes


    Hello Eyal, thank you kindly for the reply here. Thanks for understanding my request based on categories and I am glad you feel it could be a good addition to your Global Maps addon in the future. I have seen this function now alot on sites whereby the categories has one map on the right like I describe and it groups the icons/locations together on it. I am sure you understand this of course but this would be very cool feature.

    Thank you for explaining the single post widget shortcode as this is indeed extremely valuable to my site and exactly what I needed on the single blog post pages.

    Now I just wait for the exact same map widget based on a category of posts and something you could display on the categories sidebar 🙂 Have a nice week mate and keep us updated on progress, best of luck with this great plugin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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