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Styling the location search + others

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    I have a few more questions that I’ll put all in one topic. Thanks for the quick responses thus far!

    1. I have a homepage with a full width map at the top and would like a slim location search where the input fields and buttons are all on one line and centered. What would be the easiest way to do that?

    2. I am using this plugin with a directory plugin for local listings. I was hoping to use the front end posting form for the directory plugin for users (instead of admin panel). What would I have to do to display the admin area forms for the GMW plugin in a “listing page.”

    3. I’m using custom post types to display a directory of businesses. How do I display the location, contact, and hours information that’s collected in the GMW form?

    Thanks for all the help!


    HI Eric,

    1. For the slim search form you can use the new Horizontal search form template file. To align it on your page will require a bit of CSS style which depends on your theme and setup.

    2. That won’t be easily possible. The location section is not meant to be on the front-end. Depends if the directory plugin provides with the right hooks you could add the address entered in the form to GEO my WP database using a function GEO my WP provides.
    If you are looking for a full map and address functionality like in the back-end it will require some custom coding.

    3. To display the address of the post you can simply use:

    anywhere in the posts loop within the results template file.

    same with days & hours you can use the function:


    1. The horizontal-gray setting shows this (see attached)

    2. That’s fine, I’ll use the back end.

    3. Thanks


    How would I create a location search bar like this (see attached)

    Also, where in the CSS (I assume) would I change the color of the search button and the board around the pop up view for clicking on a map marker?



    1) Regarding you previous reply, I think that some CSS of your theme control the elements of the horizontal search for which makes it look like the way it is. You will need to look for this CSS and correct it.

    2) The horizontal search bar on this website is the same horizontal bar comes with the plugin plus with features from the Premium Settings add-on ( Keywords search box and the radius slider ).

    3) the css for the search button is

    it should be in the stylesheet of the horizontal search form.

    4) There is no easy way to style the map’s info window as it is being control mostly by javascript.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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