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[Resolved]Styling the nearby post widget.

Forums Nearby Posts Styling the nearby post widget.

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    SangBum Lee

    Hello Eyal,

    It was ok and i could make use of the add-on quite soon afterwards.

    So i am into testing this add-on. I like the way it is working with geo setting from members and groups location cookies but the Style of it is not quite satisfying.

    If you please refer to the attached image, you would see that the ‘featured image’ of the post is showing as a small tiny picture. Could you help me to make this featured image size bigger (the same width as the container of widget area and the information text showing below the post featured image ???

    I would really appreciate for the decoration help.

    Thank you. (by the way the link is this: ) i wouldnt know if you would see the same thing since you are located in the US and my location cookie reads me at Korea.



    Hello Lee,
    Trying to look at the link but the only thing I get is a not connecting message ( see attached ).

    SangBum Lee

    Hello Eyal,

    I have put a sign board that the website is under construction.

    i have just disabled it. Could you please try again now ??

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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