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[Resolved]Submit button not working in FF + Radius box vertical alignment

Forums Bug Reports Submit button not working in FF + Radius box vertical alignment

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    Emiel Maijs

    Hi Eyal,

    Please take a look on this page: (url expires in 5 days).
    The submit button doesn’t work in Firefox. It does in every other browser, but not in Firefox.
    Also, I can’t get the radius box vertically aligned correctly. In Chrome and Safari it looks the way I want, but in Firefox and IE we can’t get it to look the same. I tried everything to get this right. Could you have a look please?

    Thanks for your reply and effort in advance.

    Kind regards,


    Hello Emiel,
    Take a look at this post for a temporary fix until I release an official update.

    Emiel Maijs

    Thanks a lot, that fixed it for now! I searched the forum, but didn’t find this, sorry. Thanks for sending me the link to the topic with the solution!


    Not a problem. It is probably the search engine of this site that needs improvement.
    I am glad you got it fixed.

    Emiel Maijs

    Hi Eyal and thanks for your response. Did you also have a chance to take a look at the alignment issue of the radius slider box? Because I still didn’t find a way to fix that. I tried a lot, but I can’t get it right in IE and FF, only in chrome and safari. Hope you can help me with this too. Thanks in advance and regards, Emiel.

    Emiel Maijs
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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