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Suggestion: Link address in member list to map

Forums Groups Locator Suggestion: Link address in member list to map

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    Guy Fraser


    First, I absolutely LOVE this plugin!

    When displaying member address in the member list, it’s a bit ugly. It would be nice if instead of showing something like “#) Address” it instead just showed address (no need to prefix it with “Address” as it’s obvious what it is) and when clicking the address it centres the map on their pin (if no map is being displayed, maybe it could open Google Maps in a new window?).


    Thank you guy for the feedback and for the generous purchases.

    1) The number before the address is there so users will know which marker on the map represent each user. You can easily remove it with simple CSS

    2) The address prefix you can hide as well with CSS. While for most it is indeed obvious what the address it is there so users can choose if to keep it there or to hide it via CSS. If it wasn’t there it would have been more difficult for users to add it.

    3)Not sure about the marker feature. I will add it to my todo list but I have many things that I need to accomplish before I could look into that.

    Thank you for your support and I am glad you are enjoying GEO my WP.

    Guy Fraser

    1. Yes, already hidden it with CSS

    2. There isn’t a class on the ‘address’ span tag (see attached image) – also you’ve spelt ‘wrapper’ wrong in the CSS class gmw-gl-mt-address-wrapepr

    It would be trivial to add any prefix using the CSS :before feature, and this would result in much less HTML being output.

    For example, HTML could be simplified to:

    <div class="gmw-gl-mt-address-wrapper">
    <span>my, address, goes, here</span>

    Then use following CSS to add in the ‘Address’ prefix:

    .gmw-gl-mt-address-wrapper span:before {content:"Address: ";}

    Another thing to consider might be using adr or hCard microformats throughout the GMW main plugin and addons:


    That would allow people to install browser plugin that lets them click on a member to add to contacts, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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