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Support 2.2 beta

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    Attached is the beta of the coming update Support 2.2.
    Below are few of the major changes:
    1) First thing you should notice after the update are the messages to update your database in the admin pages with a button to click when you are ready to update.
    The new version does few things when updating the database:
    1)duplicating the tables that being update in case that something goes wrong
    2) modifying the lat and long columns from varchar to float
    3) for friends locator table it will removed deleted users from the table.
    please backup your database anyway before updating.

    2) I redo/improved the whole section of Support in the admin’s new/edit post page.
    3) I changed the way the plugin geocode the address entered in a search form. Now when one submits the form the plugin geocode the address using javascript, which is faster than using curl and html, and when the geocode successful the form is being submitted otherwise the user will get a message that the address wasn’t found.
    4) you can now set the address field to be mandatory ( in the form settings page) in the search forms.
    5) improved the locator button functionality in the search form.
    6) If added a new function called gmw_form_submit_fields($gmw, $subValue); which must be at the end of every search form. if you haven’t edited your search forms or created custom ones you have nothing to worried about. Basically the function populate all the necessary hidden fields of the search forms together with the submit button. the second parameter of the function $subValue is the value of the submit button.
    7)Other bug fixes, Code improvement and clean up, improved queries, and CSS clean up/improvement.

    Download Support 2.2 beta


    Looks like 2.1.9 to me.


    I could not even get the search form to submit using this version.
    Also the get my current location button on the search form would not work for me either.


    Hi Nick,
    1) the version marked as 2.1.9 just because i forgot to change the version.
    2)I have modified many functions in that version. Please, re-save your search form and if you are using a custom search form theme make sure to compare the functions in your theme to one of the default ones that comes with this version. I think some of them changed but i cannot remember at the moment.
    Take a look at the new submit function as well.


    Thanks! With those hints I got it working!!! =)


    Awesome !! 🙂


    Pagination is not working for me 🙁
    I have tried the same page and created a results page with shortcode and nothing.
    This is where I’m stuck it’s the only piece of the puzzle I need.

    I hit the next or last the browser has:

    Showing 5 Out Of 10 Results Within 50 Mi From Your Location

    Can you help me… because this is a great plugin 🙂


    Hi deived,
    Can you please post a link to your search page? You can mark the post as private if you’d like.


    Eyal the link is


    @Deived, please try to use the shortcode in any other page than the home page and see if it works.


    I created a Results Page with the results shortcode & nothing appears.

    I’ve put the shortcode in another page and no results…
    Seems to redirect me to home.

    What does work is i create a form and have the results on the same page.
    Do I have to upgrade to wordpress 3.7.1

    What i think the problem is the script for the pagination, maybe look for some other one because the links on the numbers isn’t the same as the demo. What I’m thinking is to output all the results and have a jquery pagination script take action to replace the pagination included.


    Are you using the default permalinks structure? If so you will need to change it to anything else but the default


    Woooo~!!! That made it work but it can’t be on the same page has to have a results page for this to work.

    Thank You 🙂

    P.S. Theres a number on top of search… How can i eliminate it without css

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