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    I’ve got a database with some hundred store data sets established through Pods CMS Framework. Now I want to make those entries searchable by distance (and maybe other criteria) through Support.

    Problem: Even though “Pods” show up under “Post types” in the general settings of the Support plugin, a check of this content type doesn’t result in an address form to be added to my pod edit pages. I already have address information as well as lat/lng values for each data base entry. Ideally I would like to hook this data with your seemingly great plugin.

    Please: Do you have a hint for me on how to make PODs work with Support?



    Hi Piet.

    I think we spoke once . Couple months ago when I just released the plugin under the name WordPress places locator. I think it was you who emailed me asking about making it work with pods.  Anyway, I remember looking at it back then but it wasn’t something very simple to do and i didn’t have the time to learn and develop it.

    few users already asked about data importer/exporter to be used with other plugins that already has location information.

    I am definitely going to look at it and probably add the feature. But right now it will not work for you. when a  post being saved with a location the plugin also add the information into a custom locations table in database. Then , all the search queries happen in that table. So even I you have the information within the posts it is still not in the database.

    i am not sure how pods works but if the information is being saved in a custome table as well maybe you can transfer it into the geo my wp custom table.


    Hi fitoussi,

    thanks for your quick reply. I’ll check out whether I can populate the wp_places_locator table with my data from pods. Alternatively I’m considering to re-build the scheme upon WP custom post types so that they should work with your plugin.

    Thank you very much & have a great start into the week,


    I’m the lead developer of the Pods project, our latest version 2.0 now supports custom post types as a content option, as well as many other WP objects.

    I’m also open to seeing what it would take to integrate or allow for integration, with GEO My WP.


    @piet , you are welcome. I know it is going to take some work to create all the posts once again. If you want to hold that for a little more to see if we can come up with something.


    @Scott , Thats awesome,

    I am definetly going to install and play around with Pods hopefullly by tomorrow and I will contact you back to see how we could make the plugins work together. I would love that.

    thank you for contacting me.


    Have you made any progress on this?  I have a need to provide a search by zip code radius for  a pod created as a new content type.  All the address fields are already in the pod.  Thanks!


    I already installed pods and played around with it. I got a better idea of how to be able to integrate the plugins. I have not started any dev on that but I will once I get the features i am working on right now done.

    Also I am trying to find a way to import existing location in pods into the locations table in the database otherwise users will have to got and save all the existing locations again.

    i am working on a major update for the premium version to be ready for the new year. I’ll try to get it done by then.


    That’s excellent news, fitoussi!  I will check back again at the first of the year.  If you need a beta tester, let me know.


    We have an API for saving into the DB:

    $pod = pods( 'pod_name' );
    $data = array(
    'field' => 'Value',
    'field2' => 'Another value'
    $pod->add( $data );


    Thank you Scott.

    that would be one thing.

    my plan is to use the hook that runs when a post is being saved. The function attached to the hook will grab the value of the different address fields created by the user (street, city stage….) and run the geocode function And  The returned lat/long will be saved in the lat/long fields of the pod also I guess created by the user. at the same time the function will grab all the address fields and the lat/long and will save it it the plugin’s custom table in the database. This table is where the search query happens So each post must be also exist in that table.

    the above I  think should not be too difficult.

    what I need to figure out is how to import existing posts to the custom table first time the user install the plugin.

    what I am thinking is probably a function that will run a database query And select all existing posts that have location.

    next it will run a loop trough the returned array and for each item it will create a new row in the custom table and feed it with the information we need.



    Hi, is there a successful method to get Geomywp to work with PODS. has this issue been resolved since..

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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