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[Resolved]Taxonomy Search Problem

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    I have a nicely-working search to help my visitors search a list of “Providers” that I’ve created as a custom post type.

    My client needs to add some differentiation among the Providers, so I’ve added a taxonomy to the Provider type, and it works properly.

    The problem is that I can’t enable “Taxonomy” as a search field in my GeoWP search form editor. The selection within the “Taxonomy” portion only displays when I have “post” selected as the post type (not Pages, Media, Providers… etc.) Otherwise, it’s blank/empty.

    [Just to be clear… I check the “posts” box, and “Category: Exclude Dropdown…” etc appears in the search Taxonomy section. Unselect posts, it disappears. Select any other box (including my Provider Custom Post Type) and it remains empty.]

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’d like my searchers to be able to indicate not only their zip and search radius, but select a taxonomy to search for.

    (FYI, I’m running GMW v 2.3, GWM Post Types Addon, GMW Premium Settings Addon and WP 3.8.1)

    Thanks for any direction you can provide!


    And… problem solved. I’m using the WCK plugin to create/maintain my custom post types and taxonomies, and – although I don’t *need* my sole custom taxonomy to be “hierarchical”, once I changed my custom taxonomy to *be* hierarchical, the taxonomy field populated properly in the GWP search form editor.

    Not sure of the reasoning there, but that definitely did it. Now we can search “Providers” and specify Role as well as geo info.

    Case closed! 🙂


    Glad you got it working.
    Support indeed will display only hierarchical taxonomies to choose from just because the “right” way of creating categories is by hierarchical taxonomies. which means that a category can also have sub-categories.
    Non-hierarchical taxonomies usually being used for creating tags.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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