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    Need to move some of the fields out of Advanced and Into the Search field. Im using the GEO MyWP, BuddyPress and the Sweetdate theme.

    I did get the content.php but sadly the individual fields and are in a function call. I see no documents about how to customize this field. We want Age and stuff to be on the form.

    I see that you have not done the Buddy Press XProfile field. So we can’t use that search form. I see you said you were just about to do it, 3 months ago. Then see another place you said you were just about to do it, 2 weeks ago.

    I’d like to offer a bit more functionality then requiring advanced all the time. Maybe offer remembering of the search from user to user as well. I need an option as soon as possible.



    You can modify the xprofile fields function to output specific fields in the search form. By default, the function below outputs all the fields that you set in the form editor. But you can modify the form array ( $gmw ) in the content.php before it passes to the function and modify it so it will output specific fields.

    $gmw holds the fields id of all field types except for date field in:

    and the date field in:

    So in your search form template file ( content.php file ), you can output 2 groups of fields by doing something like this.

    First group of fields will output fields with ID 1 and 2 and date field with ID 3:

    And the second group will output fields with ID 4 and 5 and without a date field:

    Then you will need to modify the way the advanced options button work. You might need to create a custom button that will show/hide only one group of fields rather than both.

    I hope this helps.


    Im having many more problems trying to provide a seemless integration with GEOWordPress, BuddyPress, BP Search and others. We have many options, but none of them seem to do what we want. We have no issue paying for something but we can not find solutions that work.

    Currently, we have no area search. Not sure why, but its completely missing now from both search forms. I see you promises integration with BP Search forms, but that seems to also be missing.

    So how can we provide our members with a location based membersearch? It seems we are getting no where. Now, even the Location fields seem to be missing.


    The area search is now showing.

    How can we do a more complicated member search with City, Zip, or State?

    We seem to be having a problem of Duplicate address fields and Duplicate search technologies with nothing providing all the features we need for a great UX/UI experience…

    We have XProfile fields in Buddy Press (and sweetdate) for City/State/Zip. These are then NOT populated with geoWP data so the user will show up in some searches and not others.

    We just need a single set of controls for address and a single search that is a bit more robust then what it seems we are getting.

    I also must note, that we have 0 problem paying our part of the development. I also have a NUMBER of clients who can also use GEOWP if it works. Infact, I got an Employment site as well that needs to be done that would save a significant amount of resources if geoWP becomes a viable option.

    So please help.



    Here is our Site

    And here are two of the search forms…

    We can provide login info if needed.


    Hi Michael,

    1. Have a look at the BP Xprofile Geolocation extension. Using this extension you can sync any of your xprofile fields ( for example the city, zip, and state ) with GEO my WP. This way, users will be able to add a location to GEO my WP via the xProfile Fields instead of the Location tab of GEO my WP.

    2. As for GEO my WP search forms, it provides all the possible search filters, such as the address, distance, and any of the xProfile fields out of the box. I am not sure what other filters you could possibly need to add to the form, but if you do need to add additional custom filters to the form, then it can most likely be done with custom coding.

    3. I already added the integration with BP Profile Search plugin to GEO my WP. I am just updating a few extension before I can release the new version of GEO my WP that includes the integration.

    FYI, I am available for custom work if you need anything custom to be done.


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