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Templates and styling?

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    I just bought the plugin and I’m testing it right now. I finally got it to spit out some results however are there any styling or templating that can be done with this plugin? Featured images when selected are potentially HUGE (there’s no setting the image size from what I can see?) Also since it’s relying on the current location cookies anyone in incognito it doesn’t work.

    Basically what I’m looking for is when someone goes to a page and it contains a search form it should auto search the results. I thought this plugin might do this but it doesn’t appear to work? Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong (everything is the most recent version).


    Thank you will again for the purchase. And apologies for the delay.
    1) The add-on does not support themes selection at the moment but it is a good idea which I can look into adding to the plugin.
    However, the plugin does come with a stylsheet and a default styling and you should be able to do some custom styling as you wish.

    2) The plugin indeed works based on the user’s location save in the cookies. And when the location exists in cookies the plugin will search for posts near that location and display them. Indeed it is a problem when cookies are turned off and I am looking for a solution for that. I am not sure yet but I might add a SESSION support to be as a backup when cookies are not available.


    Just a quick follow up here. When the location is not known can the widget simply not show. I know the tribe events widget works this way and it is a kind of a fall back here. Basically when no events are in the calendar then the widget simply hides itself from view. This would be useful here for users who have the cookies turned off here?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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