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    According to the documentation i cannot see how exactly to create or generate a map like the one you have on the front of your website.

    Could you guide me to where in your documentation ¥ou actually describe these elements?


    Hello Sebastian,
    The main map on the home page of this site is created using the Global Maps add-on. It lets you create maps that will automatically display all posts or posts within a certain distance form the user’s current location when exits. You can display any of your post types and you can exclude taxonomies or certain terms.


    Hey Eyal,

    Do we agree, that [gmw form="1"] should create a map ?


    Hi Sebastian,
    The short code [gmw form=”1″] will create a map if:
    1) This is a form create by Global Maps add-on
    2) This is a regular Posts Locator form and the map will be displayed within the search results.


    Does your map ONLY work with buddy press ? Or can i place other content on it. As of right now that short code does not produce a map on my site. I have bought the map-addons plugin and installed it, set it up and placed the short code with no luck 🙂

    I feel like this plugin seems to be a challenge to setup, even though it seems “simple”.

    Are there any quick ways of making this work? I only want to recreate what you have on your frontpage but with custom data.


    Hi Sebastian,
    I am sorry you are having trouble. I promise you I am doing my best making the plugin as simple as I can to work with. I do know that the documentation is not great but I am slowly working on that as well.

    So I understand that you do have the Global Maps add-on.
    With the Global Maps add-on you can create Maps for BuddyPress members and Maps for post types. I assume that by custom data you mean posts or other post types?

    Once the Global Maps add-on is activate you will be able to create “Posts Global Map” in the “Forms” page of GEO my WP. You setup your map with the Post toes, taxonomies and other settings as you wish.

    Once you done creating the form you copy paste the short code of the form to a page and it should display the map on page load.

    remember that your posts need to have geo-location which should be added using GEO my WP as well.

    If you want to provide me with admin access to your site I will take a quick look at your setup and see if anything is wrong. I will also create a sample map for you if you wish.


    I really feel like something just isn’t working at my end…. really frustrating. And yes i want a “posts” map – as i do not have buddy press.

    I installed Global Maps add-on.

    Selected the first “form id 1″ – which has a short code: [gmw form=”1”] which i paste into a widget in the area i want it displayed and thats what I’ve done.

    Ive then clicked on the first form to configure it, and ticked of the box next to posts as i want them shown.

    I really can’t see what more i can do?? and it still isn’t working (this is the link: ) its supposed to appear near the graphical map just before it says sadadsadasdasda


    Hi Sebastian,
    I see a problem but I can tell what causes it. Will you be able to provide me with admin access to the site?


    I can but how do i send you the details don’t want to post them here 🙂


    You can post it here and set the post as private in the checkbox below. or you can send it to if you feel more comfortable

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