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The locate me issue

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    After 4 weeks of “resting” to get this plugin to suite our needs, we picked up the work and here we are.

    But first. The latest downloaded pro version now works Almost as expected. Pagination and maps with avatars, results display and settings. All on a clean install 6.1 and on a havy plugged in updated from 5.5 to 6.1. There is still conflicts with every other geo function plugins, but noone is to blame here. I don now what you been “fixing” with, but 80% of the other old issues are gone. Nice work.


    The stored data of users and members locations are still confusing. Here is the case tested on All at the Same spot (Street address), clear cookies and data done:

    1) Desktop – Wifi, apartment local in Town, Sweden – FF, Opera, Chrome

    2) Tablet Samsung – Wifi same as above – built in browser

    3) Mobile -Wifi – Same as above  Safari

    4) Mobile -Phone Roaming – Safari


    The “Hallo guest” – auto locate me gets in case:

    1) A city 600 kilometers from here, but the State, 0 km from here (wierd Like Paris, Texas)

    2) A City 600 kilometers from here, but another “State” Like “Oslo, Finlands län”

    3) Same as 1

    — Above same internet connection — below Phone:

    4) Another town, 300 kilometers from here, correct state of that town


    WHEN going to “Location tab” and hit the button “Loacate me” we get :

    1)  Diffrent values in diffrent browsers BUT around 1 block correct

    2) Exactly Correct located

    3 and 4) Almost Correct, One block away


    HOWEVER the fields “Adress” tab is mixed with other results, part from the located data and the saved xprofile data (and old xprofile data if cookis not erased – the saved new update edit profile doesnt work)

    Summary :

    The “Hallo guest” / Users location shows one thing – totally wrong and diffrent wrong locations, mixed up with none existing data – on ALL devices – diffrent results, and All connections phones or ADSL and Fiber.

    The “Locate me” in Location Tab finds the correct location, but the filds are mixed up in the adress tab. If You click “Get latitude/ longitude” from that form – you get incorrect data saved to “This is your saved location (this box must contain an address, latitude and longitude).”

    BUT IF, you dont do that, just leave the “founded” locate me data, and save. Everything is ok.

    The Widget Members location will be correct, but the “User” location when you are visiting yorself is wrong.

    Your testdrive here have the same problem.

    AND When NOT clearing Cookies before saving anything – its get really messy. There seems to be to many of them, and do not delete when data saved from another call. (No, I do not have a cache)

    Conclusion and questions:

    1) Why cant the user location “Hello gusts/logged in stored location” use the same “Locate me” function in the location tab?

    2) What are the “Address” and “Lang” tab field doing? Is it overriding xprofile data fileds or catching xprofiledata fileds or updating the xprofile data fields or doing just a visual stuff/ transporting textstring to The main field?

    3) Are you transporting “strings” and comma separated stuff to compare with xprofile data overall now and then in the site?

    If so, Our GEO results is not the same as in US. State and City are the same here, and province/ “län” sometimes uses, but not when locate people and places. The ZIP code always before State, after street, Country last. The LOCATE ME does this correctly – and in all country code settings in backend.

    And at last. Concidiering: When typing a easy, simple, city value – in the search form fileld, and send the form (override any saved location) . The result page 99% correct – finding the start proximity spot – even with ÖÅ letters in US settings. It works.

    Why cant “Users location” also use this? When typing a simple City value in that field, thats slidedown from the link, it just get overridden by messy data.

    The plugin is great and will be a huge success for BP users.











    Hi Intervik,
    Thank you for the input. I am glad that %80 of the bugs are gone but need to deal with the other %20. I hate bugs but i guess it is helping me improving the plugin. It is difficult/impossible for me to fully test the plugin since i am in the US and don’t know what is going on on other states. So i am glad for that detailed explanation above.
    I believe that most of the issues with the data being saved in the cookies cause by the last feature i added that uses the IP address to locate the user’s location. it suppose to work in a way that first the plugin checks for the geo support from the browser and if not found then it uses the IP. the thing is that you do have supported browsers i assume. Does it first ask you to get your current location? and if so does it show you the current location in the message (if you have it turned on). So maybe for some reason when using the IP instead of the browser geo it gets the wrong location like 600km from your location. Probably that IP service is not accurate outside the states. Same thing was happening when i asked my brother to test it in israel and it was not very accurate.

    Also the “Locate me” widget works with javascript that might be the cause for the messy data. when entering the address in the search form it translate it using PHP/XMl call instead of javascript.

    The little differnt in the distance between the browser if it is like 1 block or street away will always be there. this is because how they work.

    So let me try to answer your questions:

    1) The info in the Hello guest should be the same as the info from the locate me button. That is where it get it from unless for some reason it first get the info from the IP address instead and that one i need to fix. Not sure if i will keep the feature or just add a check button to turn it on and off. I dont like it much as it is not accurate.

    2) The Address and Lat/Long fields i assume you referring to those in the “Location” tab? if so it is suppose to be “confirmation” for the user that the conversion of the address fields succeed. I do believe the location tab can cause a confusion for many users and some reported that it is. Just earlier today i posted a note includes information about that.
    Next update you’ll be able to turn of the “location” tab and use only the “Edit profile” page to modify the location which i believe will give better results.

    3) I know that the GEO results are different between countries. that is one of the reasons why i added the IP address support. The geocode suppose to get the address fields from the script but if for example the zipcode is not exist (when in different countries) because the fields are different from the US it will grab it from the IP address. This is an issue that i still need/trying to overcome.

    I am not sure if i have your email address but if you can send it to me to i will contact you and will send you the last update that i’ve been working on. i fixed many issues and i’d like you to try to use the “edit profile” page instead of the “location” tab and tell me if it works better. i will also remove the IP address function and make it work only with the browser to see if it fixes the other issues.

    i appreciate your patience and the detailed input. i will work with you to get all your issues fixed.

    Thank you


    Hi, and thx for the quick answer. I send an email. I also wrote a list from our developers who needed a hand to get start dealing with our theme. The Q from a – r … Some cover it up maybe in your beta work. We ll see. We also have some suggestions.

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