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[Resolved]This plugin is very broken

Forums Geo Members Directory This plugin is very broken

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    Guy Fraser

    There are two issues with this plugin, one of which you probably already know about…

    1) You can the main problem on your own demo page at (see screenshot1.png)

    If no address search is entered, no results are output = this prevents me from seeing the normal list of members.

    2) The second problem is that it seems to be affecting things like widgets in sidebar:

    * screenshot2.png shows how my site works without the plugin
    * screenshot3.png shows what happens when plugin is active

    As you can see, it’s breaking the widgets in the sidebar. (It should not change the way the sidebar widgets work under any circumstances)

    I have latest version installed (gmw-members-directory-1-2), latest GMW (2.4.3) and BP 2.0.


    Hi guy,
    1) This issue caused by the latest version of buddypress 2.0. I have been working on an update and it should be available tomorrow.

    2) it seems like the plugin’s query effects the queries of the widgets as well. I will fix that as well before releasing the update.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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