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    Hello and Good Day,
    I am trying to set up this plug for a website ( feel a bit overwhelmed. I’m wondering if you can give me some advice to point me in the right direction.

    I think I need the plugin to function like this site’s

    I will just need city and zip code fields so people can find the providers near them.

    First, I can’t get the map to show up using the shortcode provided. I did make sure that the google API works, it is used on the Contact page of that site.

    Second, what would I need to do to have all of those providers be displayed on the map?

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    Hello @mishaLSE,

    It seems that each business on your site is generated using a post. If that’s the case, then you need to activate and use the Posts Locator core extension.

    After activating and setting it up you need to add a location to each business via the “Edit Post” page of the admin.

    Then you need to create a Posts Locator form, using GEO my WP forms builder, that will search and find those posts.

    Here you will find the docs for the Posts Locator core extensions. Note that this docs site is still under development so some data might be missing.

    I hope this helps.


    Thnak you for your reply. I’m sure this will help.


    Hello Eyal,
    I’m having some issues with the address search.

    When I put an address into the form it always gives me a ‘No results found’ error, even if it the same address that the form is set to. See attachmant.

    Also, i’m getting an ‘OVER_QUERY_LIMIT’error. Where do I adjust the limit?



    Can someone give me a suggestion about this issue?


    I can’t find the search form on your site to look at. But the over query limit error indicates on an issue with your Google Maps API key.

    What you should do is go to this post, download GEO my WP v3.2 beta-2, and install it on your site.

    On that same page, you will also see a link to a tutorial to create both Server and Browser API keys and enter them in the Settings page of the plugin.

    Once your API keys are properly set up, the plugin should then work proeprly.

    I hope this helps.


    Hello Eyal,
    I updated to the newest version of the plugin and moved the shortcode to a test page so it can stay up.

    Geo test page

    I created a server API (reaching out to google to see if I did it correctly) but an error comes up on the page.

    Is this because the API was created incorrectly?

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    And this error only happens on page load when the plugin tries to geocode the default address.

    Otherwise, when you enter an address and submit the form it is working. See here.

    So it is only a matter of settings the serve key properly so the geocoder would work on page load as well.


    I ended up adding a range of IP addresses to the API console that can be accessed by Google. It seems to be pulling the locations now 🙂

    Thank you very much for your help!


    Hey Eyal,
    One quick follow-up question. I filled in the Location to this post here (it can be found through the form on the test page, so it is working) but I am not sure how I can have the map of the location be displayed in the post’s page.

    Do I need to create a unique map for this location? Is it possible to have the Location I created in this post to appear in the Content?


    nm, it seems like I figured it out using the [gmw_single_location] shortcode


    You are welcome. I am glad everything is now working on your site.

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