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[Resolved]Title of page is linking to main page not to sub-page

Forums Nearby Posts Title of page is linking to main page not to sub-page

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    Hi Eyal

    I found bug with Nearby Locations

    on main page

    on the left we have 2 shortcodes:

    ‘[gmw_current_location elements=”address,location_form” location_form_trigger=”Wpisz swój adres” address_fields=”address, state, country” address_label=””]’


    ‘[gmw_nearby_locations item_type=”posts” post_types=”page” nearby=”user” units=”metric” radius=”50″ results_count=”5″ get_directions=”Wskazówki dojazdu” no_results_message=”W promieniu 50 km nie znaleźliśmy żadnego miejsca” show_map=”0″]’

    When user block geolocation in browser and site cant take adress, list of the posts stops work properly. Title of the post is linking to main page, not to post / sub page.

    Please, check attachment.

    You can see problem when you open our site in new private / incognito window and check link of the post title BEFORE your browser find location and use it to show realy nearby posts.

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