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[Resolved]trouble weith [grm_resumes_map] shortcode

Forums Resume Manager Geo-Location trouble weith [grm_resumes_map] shortcode

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    I’m trying to display the map elsewhere on the cv listings page using [grm_resumes_map] however it doesnt appear to work. When I use it, the shortcode just displays as text on the page instead of the map?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    How exactly did you implement the shortcode?
    Using a widget? Within a template file? using PHP call?


    The same way i did the [gjm_results_map] shortcode on a page inside a visual composer text box.


    I’ve just noticed the map doesn’t display at all when the short code is taken out?


    It seems I’ve made a stupid typo mistake.

    However the shortcode isnt working quite as expected. The default map is still displaying and the [grm_resumes_map] is badly formatted?

    Sorry for the multiple posts.


    I’ve managed to get it working. It behaves a little differently to the job manager map. as in it doesn’t remove it and take on its width and height properties.

    Very sorry to waste your time!


    Hey Laurie,
    Not a problem at all.

    “as in it doesn’t remove it and take on its width and height properties.”

    I am sorry, I am not sure I understand that . Can you please explain?

    Thank you


    With the job listings map the gjm results map shortcode takes the dimension properties from the settings panel. However with the grm resume map shortcode the dimensions have to put in within the shortcode as it ignores the settings.

    Also having another slight issue with the resume map on the single listings page. With the job single page listing it displays at the top of the page. On the resume single page listing it displays lower down. Is there a way to get it at to display at the top of the page as with the single job page.

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    Hey Lauire,
    To display the map at the top you will most likely need to modify a template file of your theme. The plugin uses a hook to display the map and so you will need to move the hook to the top of the template file.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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