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    Has anyone been able to get this plugin to integrate with Ultimate Member? We are needing proximity search added to the membership directory filters.

    Thanks in advance for any insight on how this might be accomplished.


    Hello Josh,

    Integration with Ultimate Members has been on my to-do list. Hopefully, I will be able to work on this in the near future.

    Until then, you could use the WordPress Users Locator extension to geotag members and create a Users Locator proximity search form that will search and find users/memebrs based on location and distance.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.


    Thank you for your reply. I think we found another solution and are developing a plugin to use a zip code API to sort the results directly on a UM member directory page.


    Ok Great.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.


    Has a UM integration been developed?


    I am interested in this as well. There is no public solutions yet for UM for radius search.

    Admins, anyway you’d make an email introduction with the user joshg01 that posts above? He may have what we all need. I’d be willing to pay for this solution. My email is">




    Hello @chaldonweb and @itsthecherry.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t got to work on this integration yet. I have been extremely busy between updates of the current plugins and some of my freelance work lately.

    I truly want to start working on this feature as this has been requested by many. Hopefully, ill be able to do so soon.


    Hello Eyal, will your “WordPress Users Locator” work in any way with Ultimate Member? I would like to show a world map (or similar view) of users where where logged in members could click a tag on the map and be taken to it’s ultimate member profile.

    It seems like from your response to Josh (November 8, 2018 at 1:23 pm) above that this is possible?

    If not, do you have other suggestions for this to work with Ultimate Member or another membership plugin?

    Appreciated 🙂

    With care,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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