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[Resolved]Unable to update GRM to

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    I can’t update to version not from worpdress, not manualy.
    I have been downloaded zip from site, removed manualy direcory from /wp-plugins/ via SSH and installed zip from wordpress plugin’s page. After all – version shown and wordpress notified that GRM has upgrade to

    Also, when resume posted, i’ve got an errors (image below)

    [attachment file=”2015-03-26 11:20:56.png”]

    All plugins has actual versions:
    WP – 4.1
    WP Job Manager – 1.21.4
    WP Job Manager – Resume Manager – 1.10.2
    GEO my WP – 2.6

    It’s not critical, all working fine.

    Thank you!!!


    Hello Pavel,
    1) You have the current version installed. I only forgot to set the current version in my system. If you update it again the update notification will go away.

    2) The errors that you are seeing being produce by Resume Manager plugin and not Resume Manager Geolocation. You will need to contact Mike, The developer of WP Job Manager, regarding these errors.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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