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[Resolved]Uncoupling map coordinated with auto update of address

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    I just updated the gravity form geolocation and finally have everything working on my sites again. There is one feature that the old version had that I cant seem to figure out how to replicate.

    When a user enters an address on a form, their address automatically is displayed on a map below. I want the user to be able to move the pin without auto updating the address field above. In the old version, this was possible. Is there a way for the map to be populated automatically, but then not change the address field when the pin is moved?

    The only solution I can come up with is to add a second address field and use it as a dummy. This requires the user to input his/her address twice, which is not ideal.



    Hello Solarteam,
    Thank you for the renewal and I am glad that the plugin is now working for you.

    With the old system of the plugin it was indeed possible to create the behavior you describe above. However, with the way that the new system works it is not possible at the moment. Mainly because I didn’t see a scenario why someone would need this type of behavior.

    Do you want to allow your users to enter an address using the address field but prevent them to change it using drag & drop of the map? If so, would disabling the manual dragging of the map help? This way users won’t be able to drag & drop the marker on map. However, the marker would be updated when changing the address field value.


    The way our system worked before is that users are allowed to enter their address and are shown the map. Sometimes this map doesn’t show exactly where the user’s home is for instance in rural areas. Users would then have the ability to move the marker to their exact location, giving us their correct address and their coordinates, if they may differ.

    I am worried now that users will be able to move the marker and accidentally change their address, providing us with accurate coordinates, but an inaccurate street address.

    Any thoughts on how to tackle this?

    Rob Labbe

    We also require this functionality. Our users go to users homes to collect information about a service, we need them to enter the address and then move the marker over the correct house. However when they move the marker it changes the address which we’d like to stay the same.

    Rob Labbe

    What would be ideal for us is to have the ability to choose which fields can update other fields. Example we’d want the address field to update the map and the latitude and longitude. However if you moved the marker on the map it should only update the latitude and longitude.


    Just to let you know that I release an update yesterday with a solution for this topic. There is a new checkbox added to the map field ( in the form editor ) that allows you to prevent the map from updating the address field. This way the address field will update the map, but when dragging the marker on the map only the coordinate field will be updated.

    please update you plugin and let me know if it works.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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