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[Resolved]Update posted multiple times on Activity page

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    When a user updates his location, sometimes the update is posted multiple times on the Activity page. It doesn’t happen for every user, but when it does happen one update can be posted more than 30 times, flooding the Activity page. This is not a spam problem because it has happened with multiple real users.

    I use Sweetdate theme and they suggested that I ask here. I use W3 Total Cache but Object Cache is not enabled. What could be causing this?


    This problem just keeps getting worse. I tried deactivating all the plugins but the only way to stop the location updates from spamming the activity stream is if I deactivate Geo My WP.

    Can I just remove all location updates from the activity stream? How can I do this?

    Can anyone please help me? If this continues I won’t be able to continue using Geo My WP or the Xprofile fields add-on.


    HI Dee,
    I apologize for missing out your initial post.

    1) Does it happen when updating the location using the Location tab, the profile fields ( using Xprofile Fields add-on ) or both?

    2) Which version of Xprofile Fields add-on do you have installed?


    Hi Eyal,

    1. I hid the Location tab so it’s always the Xprofile Fields add-on.

    2. Version 1.3.1

    I’m not sure how it happens because it doesn’t happen to every user, but there are enough users that this happened to that it’s definitely not a spam problem. Basically someone would register (using Xprofile Fields in the registration form) or update their location through their profile, then the update appears multiple times on the Activity stream, sometimes taking up pages of space.

    Yesterday, the Activity stream started to be flooded with my admin account’s location update, even though I didn’t update my account location. There are multiple updates per minute even if I don’t touch anything (screenshot attached). Immediately before this, I was fixing another problem by going to Tools > Buddypress > Repair total members count/Repair member “last activity” data. That could be what triggered it, but I can’t be sure.

    After some experimentation, I deactivated all my plugins and it seems Xprofile Fields is the problem. With only Buddypress, GMW and Xprofile Fields add-on activated, the location updates constantly flooded the activity stream. With just Buddypress and GMW the updates on activity stream stopped. So for now I have Xprofile Fields deactivated.

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    Weird, that is the first time this issue is being reported.

    Please try the new version of the Xprofile Fields, version 1.4 beta 1. You can download it from Your Account page. Even though it marked as a beta, it is safe to be used on a productions site. I will officially release it this week.

    Version 1.4 is a complete re-write of the add-on with better code and better geocoding system. So hopefully this version will take care of this issue that you are experiencing. Otherwise, i might need to look into your site if you are able to provide FTP access.

    So please try version 1.4 first and let me know if it works.



    With version 1.4, the Activity stream stopped being continuously updated with my location. I’ll have to see if this happens again with any other user, but for now this is working. I’ll let you know if this happens again. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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