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[Resolved]Updating Premium settings to 1.4

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    Hi Eyal.
    Could you explain how to upgrade my Premium settings to 1.4 version because it’s impossible with WordPress dashboard…
    Thank you


    Hi Eric,
    What exactly do you mean by impossible?
    do you not see the update notification in the dashboard? or you do see it and try to update but update fails?

    Have you activated your license Key?

    Which version of GEO my WP and premium Setting installed on your site right now?


    Hello Eyal.
    Here is more information on the update of “Premium settings 1.4”
    The update is available in the Dashboard, but it fails when I want to make it.
    WordPress, BuddyPress, GeoMyWp are updated with the latest versions.
    My activation key “Premium settings” is OK, and this addon works.
    On your site, I used the link (in my historical invoices) to update via FTP, but the Dashboard tells me that the update is not done and after this update and settings GeoMyWp tell me I’m still version 1.3.
    Thank you.


    Hi Eric,
    Please delete the Premium Settings plugin from your site and then upload the latest version manually. you can download the latest version from your Purchase History page.

    Let me know if it works.

    Thank you,

    m k

    I have the same problem.


    Sorry about that. But this issue happens sometimes when a plugin is being updated using a custom updating system and not the one provided by WordPress.
    Deleting the plugin and uploading the new version manually should work and solve the issue for the future.


    Hi Eyal.
    I have deleted the Premium Settings plugin and dowload with the link “gmw-premium-settings-1-4” but I am stil in 1.3 version…
    In the change log the text nothing about 1.4 version !
    Thank you for your help.
    I’ll have a post tomorrow about OVER_QUERY_LIMIT


    Hi Eric,
    I just realized that the issue is on my end. I forgot to change the version number of the plugin before uploading it to the server.So the version your are using now is actually 1.4.
    I will upload a new file later today and I will let you know once I done so.


    I have to same problem, and also for Geo members directory plugin you forgot to write
    Thank you


    I must blame it on the late hours and the many add-ons update at the same time :).
    I will upload a fixed version by tomorrow.

    Thank you


    Plugins updated with the correct version.


    Hi Eyal.
    Update OK with FTP solution.
    Thank you.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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