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[Resolved]URGENT : Unable to apply custom template to info windows

Forums Premium Settings URGENT : Unable to apply custom template to info windows

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    Hi Eyal, I hope you’re fine,

    I’m having a big problem with custom templates on my Popup info windows. Until now I succeeded to work modifying the default center-white template but I can’t do this anymore and I need your help. Here’s what I have:

    – a post locator map with a custom search form that works

    – the Premium Settings add-on

    – a “core” modified center-white popup template inside Premium Settings

    – a custom template in my child theme using the path <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>wp-content/themes/mytheme/geo-my-wp/posts/info-window-templates/popup/mytemplate</span>


    When I go to the form settings, I can see an select my custom template, but once on the frontend, it doesn’t show. On click, the marker jumps but no window shows… it only works if I use default folders (center-white, default and left-white). Even deleting the “default” template replacing it by my own named “default” doesn’t solve the issue.


    What can I do to make it work please??

    thank you so much in advance

    Jason Morgan

    I’m having this same exact issue. I’ve followed all directions, I can see my custom template, but when I select it, the popup window does not appear. The map marker just jumps up and down. It is very disheartening to see this post has received no attention. It was created six weeks ago…


    I apologize for missing out your post.

    I am looking into this right now.

    I replied to the other topic you started.


    Hey Eyal,
    I hope you’re fine,
    thank you for looking at it, no problem regarding the delay I totally get that you must have a huge amount of work other than the support forums … ;D

    have a great day,


    I’m having a similar problem with a custom info window.
    Looks like no styling is being applied.

    Is there anyway to revert to the normal info window boxes (that are shown without the premium plugin?) I was happy with that style.


    @Chris and @Emilien,

    I will release later today an update that should take care of custom info-window issue. As well I will add the option to keep the “Normal” info-window style. It does make sense that some users will want to use it.



    Had this been resolved yet?

    I did notice an update available. But the issue seems to be apparent.



    HI Chris,
    I apologize, but a bug caused a delay with the release of the Premium Settings add-on. However, I am almost done with the update and I will upload it by tomorrow.

    The update you saw is for GEO my WP core and not for the Premium Settings add-on which is response for this issue.


    Thanks Eyal, Look forward to it, so i can finalise this website 🙂



    Hi Eyal,

    Was there any further update to this.
    Sorry to be persistent.



    Hi Chris,
    I uploaded new version 1.6.3 but haven’t officially released it yet. You can download it from Your Account page. Would you give it a try and let me know if it takes care of the issue?

    I also added the option to choose the “Normal” info-window type in the form settings.



    Thanks Eyal,

    Works correctly now.
    Custom template, and the normal info box option.



    Perfect. Thank you for the update @Chris.


    Hi there I am using all of your plugins on my site and have the exact same issue as described above. The custom design is displayed but does not function I have installed beta 2 to see if this made a difference and it does not. I can not use any custom templates on the premium settings.

    Any thoughts on why your fix does not work on my site.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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