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[Resolved]Users not showing up on map?

Forums Sweet Date Theme Integration Users not showing up on map?

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    Leah Harold

    I am using SweetDate and also have XProfile Fields add-on activated.
    We are currently only in testing stage, but with the a couple of testing profiles added, and only one is showing on the map that comes up when searching.

    The Location tab has been disabled. The only two test users showing on the map are:
    – the one set up before this was disabled,
    – one manually updated in the Users dashboard
    …so there seems to be a disconnect between the registration form and the map.

    I can see on the Members Location Status list that these ‘missing’ members are listed. However the location fields that are matched in the XProfile Fields tab ARE completed in the member profile.

    Could you please have a look and see what is going wrong?


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    Hello Leah,
    The members with the missing location, were they added to the site before the installation of the Xprofile Fields add-on? If that is the case, than they ( or you as an admin ) need to update their profile in order for the location to be updated in database ( Simply navigate to the edit profile page and click “Update” ). Locations added previously to the installation of the Xprofile Fields add-on will marked as missing in database.

    I just updated the profile of one of the members ( in the admin page ) and his location is now fixed. Which means that the geocoder works well.

    Let me know if that is the case.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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