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Using 'gmw_pt_update_location' To GeoCode Custom Fields

Forums F.A.Q Using 'gmw_pt_update_location' To GeoCode Custom Fields

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    Hi, I’m using a custom function to GeoCode into GMP the address fields in a front-end form when it is saved.

    I am using the function ‘gmw_pt_update_location’ but each time I try it I get a Lat and Long of 0.0000… instead of the correct coordinates.

    I am trying to GeoCode UK addresses and have mapped my custom fields into GMW fields as follows:

    Is there anything in the code about that suggests I’m doing something wrong? Ideally I’d like the form to GeoCode just the street and postcode, as other address fields will be optional.

    Any help appreciated.


    Which form are you using for the from-end posting? IS it a plugin or a custom form?

    Do you use a hook to fire our custom function above?


    Hi Eyal, Thanks for getting back to me. I am using a CRED Form (WP Types Plugin) and a hook from submitting the form.

    The code for this I found on another post on this forum and on the WP Types Support Forum, but for me, each time I submit the CRED Form, the address does not GeoCode.

    I have another post on this forum stating that the ‘Get Lat/Long’ functions also don’t work on my WP Dashboard – which I do not know if this is related or not.

    This is all on my localhost web server.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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