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[Resolved]Very slow

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    when I activate geo my wp plugin all at pages of my domain are very slow (but only sometimes), it takes about 15 sec before the page it starts to load, expecially in back end.
    The slowest pages are: wp-admin/update.php and wp-admin/plugins.php
    I ve to deactivate your plugin or I cant work…


    Hi Brincy,
    The slow load caused by the automatic updates system of GEO my WP. It gets slower since it needs to check for new updates of the premium add-ons. That is the reason you experience it mainly on the update/plugins pages. It doesn’t effect the front end since the system loads only in the back-end.
    However, You are definitely right and it should not effect the workflow. I will make sure to release a fix by this weekend. Hopefully by tomorrow.
    The fix will provide an update check which will happen every 24 hours or so. So the system will not run on each page load.


    New version of GEO my WP uploaded yesterday.
    It provides with a new feature which allows you to disable the updating system. There is a new checkbox under GEO my WP -> Settings -> Admin Settings tab.

    Now you can temporary disable the auto-updating system from running so it will not slow down your admin dashboard. When you are ready to check for new add-ons version you can disable the system again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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