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    Guy Fraser

    As GMW already has location of users/visitors, it would be ideal platform for a weather plugin that shows weather at location of end-user (most weather plugins have fixed weather location).

    There is one weather plugin that does this sort of thing already, but I’d prefer a GMW addon so that everything is using the same data behind the scenes:


    Interesting Idea,
    I can take a look at the plugin you have mentioned and see if I can create an integration with GEO my WP.
    I Wouldn’t want to create a complete add-on when there are free once out there. specially if I can find a way to integrate the two.

    Guy Fraser

    Yes, would be good to integrate with existing plugin.

    But I was also thinking of where else geo-based weather reports could appear, for example in groups and user profiles, posts, pages, anything that GMW adds location data to… 😉


    Sounds like a really cool idea, would love to be able to put this in as some sort of code in my template for outdoor activities. or just as a widget.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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