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[Resolved]When I activate GeoMyWP the other search fields are irrelevant

Forums Sweet Date Theme Integration When I activate GeoMyWP the other search fields are irrelevant

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    Kevin Gillem

    I am using the sweetdate theme and have a few thousand users. I want to start using GEOmyWPm, but I want the users searchable by other fields as well, since none of them will show in the search results under radius since the db doesn’t have their location stored yet. Unfortunately when I activate the plugin it immediately begins returning “no results” even when there is no radius chosen during the member search. Am I doing something wrong or are the members not searchable by any other method when this plugin is installed…for instance, I have them enter their country. If you put USA in and do not choose a radius, why will it not show me everyone with USA in that field? It still shows 0. Thank you.


    Are you referring to the search form of the “Members Directory” page or to search form created by GEO my WP?

    Kevin Gillem

    The search form on the Member’s Directory page which has a new box labeled radius whenever I activate GeoMyWP but even with nothing selected in it, it causes the member search to return 0 results.


    When performing a search with the address field empty the plugin should show results regardless if the members have location. However, it might be a bug.
    To test it please add location to one or two members ( using the “Location” tab ) and test the search again to see if those users show up in the results.

    thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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