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    I am trying to achieve the below for more than 1 month without receiving any support (despite I bought the Premium license). Can you please help me with the required info?
    I want to add in the Product Search Template the following parameters, can you please provide with the code?
    – Price with currency (you already submitted the code for that, how can I include the currency on it?)
    – Woocommerce PRODUCT RATING: If you don’t know or don’t want to search for it can you please at least the structure of the code that I need to add and where this X value should be referred?
    – Why the pictures at any of the templates are not showing or showing deformed? I changed the theme to at least 13 themes and all of them are showing wrong, despite the Woocommerce result search template shows perfectly under any theme

    I have sent you +20 emails privately referred by Woocommerce support, as they textually indicated: “This is something that it would better be asked to the developers of GEO my WP”, but still waiting for this code to progress, so kindly waiting for your answer to finally close this matter.

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