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[Not resolved]WooCommerce Marketplace (WCMp) integration

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    Agenzia E20

    I’m testing your great plugin and would like to integrate it with WooCommerce Marketplace.

    WCMp let’s users become vendors and create their own shop.
    From the user Dashboard each vendor can add details of their shop and also set its location (using Google Maps Api). This data are all saved as user meta fields.

    What I’d like to achieve is:
    1) each time a vendor adds a new product, the vendor’s store location (saved by WCMp in a user meta field) is automatically retrieved and used to set the product location (by GmWp).

    2) I have posts geocoded with GmWp + I have Stores (which are not actually a different Post Type but rather are User meta Fields geocoded with WCMp). I would like both of these results to be listed on a map or as search results.

    Is there a script for that or can you make it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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