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[Resolved]WP Job Manager – Job Alerts support

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    I just bought your “Geo Job Manager” -plugin and it works great with “WP Job Manager”. There is only one thing I could find that needs to be fixed. When using official plugin from “WP Job Manager” called “WP Job Manager – Job Alerts”( where there is no option to set alert by distance nor any other options that the “Geo Job Manager” provides.

    So if you could add all the options that the “Geo Job Manager” provides to the [job_alerts] -page it would be much appreciated. And if you could please use multilingual wrappers so WPML works correctly.

    Thank you for your time


    Any updates on the situation?



    Hello Eppu,

    I apologize for missing out your initial post.

    At the moment Job Manager Geolocation add-on is not compatible with the Job Alerts add-on. I have it on my todo list to check if it is possible to integrates both plugins. However, that is not something that can be easily done. And so, I am not sure when it will be available.


    Hello Eyal,

    Do you have any updates on the time line.

    This is very important functionality for us.

    Thank you for your time


    Hey again,

    Do you have any updates when are you going to add geolocation support for the Job Alert.

    This is very important to get the Job Alert to work correctly.

    Could you please give me a timeline.


    Hi Eyal,

    I think Eppu is right. This is a realy important function for good matching for any location based website.

    Is there any progression about this topic? Maybe it is possible that more users can fund you to build this feature. I am happy to pay a part of the funding.

    Please let me know more about this.

    Have a nice day!


    Hello Vincent and Eppu,
    I apologize for the delay on this topic, but I have been extremely busy with other updates and support.

    How exactly would you like this integration to work?

    I am thinking to add an additional distance box to the new/edit alert form for the user to enter a distance value. Then, when the job alerts function is being executed, it will search for jobs around the location and within the radius entered?

    Is this the feature that you guys are looking for?


    Hi Eyal and hi Vincent,

    So there would need to be a location field, distance field and a checkbox to see if the user even wants to use distance based alerts. I would put the checkbox first.

    Also I think not every developer wants this kind of function so I would make the whole thing optional and add that option to the back-end “Job Alerts” -settings.

    Thank you for your time


    Hi Eyal,

    This would be wonderfull. Location field is already into the plugin: but no integration with your geo plugin.

    If you can connect that location field with a radius that would be awesome!

    And it would be better to give in Alert settings the option like: default radius OR let users choose.

    Now with your GEO job plugin you also have the option for default radius in backend or the option to let users choose radius.

    For the Alert I think same functionality is a good idea.

    Hope you can make this change!
    If would do a dance for you if you get the job done 🙂



    Thank you for the suggestions Vincent and Eppu.

    I looked into it and it should be possible to developer this feature, And I am planning to do so. The only thing is that I have other updates and custom projects lined up already. So I am not sure when I will be able to start working on it.

    However, if anyone can ( as suggested above ) help funding part of the development, I will than work on it during this coming weekend ( hopefully will have it ready by Monday ).

    The development should take about 8 hours of work. It would be great if anyone can help fund 3 hours out of it. I am not looking to fund the entire project Since I am planning to do it anyway, and I will add it to the Jobs Geolocation extension. But only since I will push other projects so I will be able to work on it sooner, I am asking for help funding a part of it.

    Let me know what you guys think.



    Hi Eyal it’s great to hear from you,

    Our project manager asked how much would it cost and how to transfer the money? What payment gateway to use and do we get a receipt?

    Thank you for your time


    Hi Eyal,

    Same questions for me as Eppu 🙂
    Please let me know more about it.

    Kind regards,


    Hi everybody,

    I also need the same function for the “WP Job Manager – Job Alerts” Plugin…

    Best wishes from germany


    Thanks for the replies.

    It will be $150 for the 3 hours ( $50 per hour of custom work ). I can create a PayPal invoice for the payment or you can send me the payment directly to my account ( as a payment or donation ).

    What I had in mind for the project is basically what you guys have suggested.
    1) Add a few settings in the alert settings page:
    a) Checkbox to enable disable the geolocation feature.
    b) input text box for the radius. This could be used as a global value that you, as the admin, set for all users and alerts. Or you could set it to allow the users to enter their own value. If you choose that, the radius input box will show in the new/edit alert form.
    c) Units dropdown menu to chose between miles, kilometers or to allow the user set it, same way as the radius.

    2) When the alerts notification function fires, the plugin will modify the search query and will search for jobs from the location and within the radius saved in the alert. If no radius entered it will search globally.

    3) I am not sure yet, but I believe that I can add the distance next to each job in the email notification.

    When I am done with the initial release I will email it to you before officially releasing it. I will need feedback and help testing it.

    Let me know if that sounds right.


    Yeah we are in.

    Just create the invoice and we will pay it.

    Thank you so much for your help

    Eppu Länsisalmi

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