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    Andrew Lingo

    I cleared out wp_places_locator for testing purposes. Went to an individual job and pressed the geolocate button and saved the job post. It works great and the map shows and it added one row to wp_places_locator.

    I have set up the Google browser API key properly.

    I am getting an error when trying to use the “Import” button within Job Listings/Settings/Geo General Settings. The error looks as such:

    [Wed Jul 13 19:53:08.165280 2016] [:error] [pid 22950] [client] KILLED QUERY (84554 characters long generated): SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS wp_posts.ID FROM wp_posts WHERE 1=1 AND wp_posts.ID IN (535371,535370,535369,535368,535372,535358,535362,535361,535360,535359,535377,535376,535379,535378,535387,535386,535380,535381,535375,535374,535373,535382,535363,535364,535344,535343,535352,535351,535345,535346,535340,535339,535338,535347,535350,535349,535353,535367,535366,535365,535354,535355,535348,535357,535356,535385,535384,535409,535408,535422,535421,535410,535411,535415,535414,535413,535412,535420,535419,535432,535431,535430,535429,535423,535424,535418,535427,535426,535425,535416,535417,535397,535396,535395,535394,535388,535389,535383,535392,535391,535390,535393,535402,535406,535405,535404,535403,535407,535398,535401,535400,535399,535341,535342,535275,535274,535273,535282,535276,535277,535271,535270,535269,535268,535281,535280,535283,535297,535296,535295,535284,535285,535279,535278,535287,535286,535272,535263,535249,535248,535262,535261,535250,535251,535244,535243,535253,535252,535260,535259,535267,535266,535265,535264,535254,535255,535258,535257,535256,535294,535293,535318,535332,535331,535330,535319,535320,535314,535313,535322,535321,535329,535328,535336,535335,535334,535333,535337,535323,535327,535326,535325,535324,535315,535316,535301,535300,535299,535298,535302,535288,535292,535291,535290,53528 . . . . . .

    The first time I pushed this button it said it updated 2,590 posts but when I looked at the job listings only one additional one was showing as geocoded — the process must have been killed.

    However wp_places_locator does show 2,591 (the 1 manual plus the 2,590 from the Import button) rows now with complete info. Seems like something is killing the script before it can update the job custom post type.

    I am hosting with WP Engine — is this a coding issue or a security issue to kill long scripts with WP Engine.

    I know you have been through the ringer later with all of the Google API stuff after late June. Any help would be appreciated.

    Andrew Lingo
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    Hello Andrew,
    I apologize for missing out your post. I only now saw it while going over unresolved topics.

    The errors you are getting are most likely the results of the many locations ( results in a long query ). When I created the importer script I didn’t consider that ( unintentionally ). I will have to look into that and most likely rebuild the importer to allow importing in batches in order to overcome the theses errors.


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