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    Hi, what a pitty your plugin use its own tables and doesn’t use the wordpress’s ones.

    Is there a function to create, in order to make a link beetwen WPGEO core’s tables and gwp’s ones ?

    Don’t you think about using wordpress geo tables in the future ? I think it wiil improve the compatibility of this great plugin


    Hello Fredajt,

    Using WordPress native database tables is not always the best solution. Few example of why having a custom table for GEO my WP is the ideal method:

    1) If not using a custom table and using one of WordPress’s tables we will need to use the post_meta table. Means we will save the location data in custom fields.
    If that is the case instead of having 12 location fields ( street, apt, city, state… ) in a single table row we will have 12 extra row in the post_meta table, row per address field. adding 12 rows per each post will make the table grow bigger much faster effecting performance in the future.

    2) When doing the search query based location, Instead of having a single table JOIN to search for coordinated the query will be a more complex by joining the post_meta table twice . Once for latitude and once for longitude. That will effect the performance of the search query specially when the post_meta table is bigger as described in point 1.

    3) In a custom table, since all the location fields of a post exists in a single row, it is more efficient and faster to get the location information then if each field saved in its own row.

    The custom table method won’t change but I will look into a solution for the future.

    What Kind of integration are you looking for? What exactly is that you are trying to accomplish with GEO my WP and WPGEO together?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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