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[Resolved]XProfile addon not working properly

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    Guy Fraser

    Tried that, the autocomplete started working, but after saving none of the split fields had been updated. (Prior to changing to ‘single address field’ it was set up to use multiple fields with each field linked to relevant address component).

    I accept that the plugin isn’t currently designed to do what I described earlier, however could it be updated to work that way?

    In terms of implementation it might require a couple of new XProfile field type: “address autocomplete” and “address component”. The component field would have an extra option allowing admins to define what part of the address it relates to, and the autocomplete field would then be able to use JS on the frontend to automatically populate any component fields in the same field group. This would also mean that there would be no need for admins to choose between single or multiple – they could just put in whatever fields they want and because the settings are associated with fields the UI can automagically adapt.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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