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    ashton smith

    Just got the addon xprofile feids – not realy sure what its doing as I dont see many changes. (when i click edit profile Im not seeing any way to use geomy to change location)

    What I would like it to do is:

    Auto fill sweetdate country city on registration

    Be integrated into the sweetdate search function


    Thank you Ashton for the purchase.
    The xprofile fields will allow the members of your site update their location using the Edit profile page instead of using the “Location” tab. That also means that they will be able to add location during registration.

    After you install and activate the add-on you will see its settings in the “Settings” page of GEO my WP. You will need to choose the profile fields which you want to be used as the address fields.


    @ashton smith: i’m sure you already managed to solve the problem, but maybe other members can use this advice: be sure to download the latest version. i tried to update from a previous version and that failed. so i deleted the whole addon and uploaded the newest version – that worked for me.


    I’m not getting the settings section in GEO myWP at all.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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